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I am Bobby Jacobs. I love to do math. I like pi and prime numbers. I am studying math at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). I have created a lot of sequences on OEIS. Math is very fun. I like math.

My sequences

A274825, A275013, A275014, A275108, A276686, A276849, A276992, A276993, A277064, A277110, A277135, A277140, A277171, A277266, A277270, A277284, A277290, A277369, A277459, A277460, A277535, A277552, A277575, A277605, A277625, A277779, A277827, A278312, A278351, A278404, A278637, A278648, A278708, A278735, A278928, A279021, A279062, A279860, A279885, A280080, A280081, A280082, A280182, A280183, A280631, A280811