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I'm a senior manager in the automotive industry, and I am mostly interested in combinatorial sequences with nice geometric interpretations.


    University of Portland              B.A. Mathematics, Philosophy, French Studies              2013
    University of Arizona               Graduate Study in Pure Mathematics                        2014 (no degree)
    Gonzaga University                  Master of Teaching (Secondary Mathematics)                2015
    Washington State University         PhD Mathematics and Science Education                     (ongoing)

Italics represent sequences (to which) my former students have contributed.

Bold represents my personal favorites.

Sudoku-Like Grids

Construction: Move through an infinite plane tiling in a certain order, filling it with numbers according to some property (e.g. no repeated values in any row, column, or diagonal).

"Greedy" Sequences

    A269526                       A334049                       A335490                       

"Seen-From" Sequences

    A300154                       A334742                       A279965                       A279966                       A279967
                   A279968                       A334741

Counting Geometric Figures

Construction: How many objects are there of size n that satisfy a given property?

    (A278299)                       A272053                           A300154

Self-Referential Sequences

Construction: How many prior terms in the sequence match a given property?

    A269347                       A269423                       A269427                       A269524                       A269525      
                  A270536                       A270654                       A270841                       A273185
    A273190                       A284548                       A333400

Number-Theoretic Sequences

Construction: What numbers satisfy a given property?


Derivatives of Other Sequences

Construction: For instance, for what values of n does A269347(n) have a given property?

    A271326                       A271328                       A271566                       A273191                       A276127
                  A278436                       A333398                       A333401

I have contributed to the following sequences: A068911, A137734, A189978, A237420, A275815, A000127 (new formula!), A279212, A279211, A279212