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To-do lists

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Rather than a "to-do list", this is a list of to-do lists, i.e., a minimally commented and reorganized version of the Category:To-do lists. Please see below (and add others) for links to the concrete to-do lists: known bugs, feature wish-lists, suggestions for improvements, etc. (The full name of the linked pages is displayed on purpose, rather than hidden via [[Page name|Description]].)

We suggest to extend this page with more links and short descriptions of the corresponding page's contents, but not to add more detailed information: Earlier attempts[1] to make a more complete/better featured TO-DO list, ended up in rather cluttered pages, always lacking links to many other relevant pages. Having one single page with all cross-references makes it possible to maintain updated and inter-linked all relevant pages, at least indirectly by adding here a link to any relevant (new) pages.

The [[Category:To-do lists]] serves the same purpose; we encourage to add also this tag in all relevant pages. (Note the plural "s", conforming to common usage[ref to be added, e.g. WP guidelines].)

Related to the main OEIS

[This could be separated on tasks common users can do on the OEIS data base, and those requiring privileged access to the server software.]

Related to the OEIS wiki

(To be more precise: related to OEIS wiki contents, not software.)

Related to both, main OEIS and the wiki

(Since it is encouraged to distinguish, as far as possible, suggestions concerning the main OEIS on one hand, and those for the OEIS wiki on the other hand, this section is listed last.)