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The {{documentation}} template either adds a link to the /doc subpage of a given template, or gives a link to create the subpage if it doesn't exist. If the /doc subpage exists it is "transcluded" (i.e. shown).


At the beginning of your template, use


We can't do this in the {{documentation}} template itself, because templates are not allowed to call themselves (MediaWiki does not allow template recursion).


{{#ifexist: Template:{{{1|{{PAGENAME}}/doc}}} 
  | <div style="text-align: center; font-size: smaller;">The following [[Help:Documenting templates|documentation]] is located at [[Template:{{{1|{{PAGENAME}}/doc}}}]]. [{{edit|Template:{{{1|{{PAGENAME}}/doc}}}}}]{{nl}}
  | :''This template needs [[Help:Documenting templates|documentation]] and [[Help:Categories|categorization]].'' [{{edit|Template:{{{1|{{PAGENAME}}/doc}}}|Please create the documentation subpage.}}]{{nl}}


The edit and purge links are not right when there is an apostrophe ' in the page name. (Template needs to be debugged.)[1] (Check Template:Plouffe's Inverter and Template:Plouffe's Inverter/doc.)

See also


  1. Template needs to be debugged.