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Talk:The Stern-Brocot or Farey Tree

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Request to move the article

Would some Administrator please edit the [semi-]protected page The Stern-Brocot or Farey Tree and remove the template {{Edit request}} on the talk page.

If you do agree, would you please move the article (and this talk page) to (note that – is a n-dash, whose HTML character entity is –, not a hyphen -, since this is not a compound name, but the names of two persons)

Stern–Brocot tree, Farey sequences and Ford circles

Then we should have the redirects (now with a hyphen, since it is easier to type a hyphen)

Stern-Brocot tree, Farey sequences and Ford circles
Stern–Brocot tree (with a n-dash –)
Stern-Brocot tree (with a hyphen -)
Farey sequences
Ford circles

Daniel Forgues 21:43, 1 October 2014 (UTC)

Apparently a draft based on stern_brocot.html, maybe the spelling doesn't matter for this purpose. After the new content is integrated into stern_brocot.html this page could be replaced by one line #REDIRECT stern_brocot.html resulting in a clear "soft redirect", i.e., folks have to click once to go to stern_brocot.html. Of course the redirect could still be renamed as you suggested, but that's not the main issue with this draft. –Frank Ellermann 03:28, 18 October 2017 (UTC)