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Instructions For Editors In Chief

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Instructions For Editors-In-Chief

Essentially the same as the Instructions For Associate Editors, except you have the power to approve edits and new sequences so that they become a permanent part of the OEIS.

"War and Peace" submissions

  • If someone has not produced a satisfactory submission in a month, with a huge number of edits, and with Pink Box comments longer than "War and Peace", then reject it and recycle the A-number.
  • It is inconsiderate of people to take up so much time and effort from the editors. Rejecting it is the kindest thing to do.
  • If you think the sequence has some merit, suggest they wait a couple of weeks, and then resubmit a clean version.
  • I recently rejected a submission that had been going back and forth with the editors for 2 months, that had over 125 edits, with Pink Box comments longer than a roll of toilet paper.
  • If someone can't produce a decent submission in a reasonable time, they are just wasting our time.