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The Author field of an OEIS sequence entry is for the name of the person who first submitted the sequence to the OEIS, and the date the sequence was submitted.

It is not for the name of original author of the sequence, nor the person who first discovered the sequence. In the case of core sequences like the prime numbers or the Fibonacci numbers, such information may be lost to the mists of time.

For example, Pascal's triangle is commonly attributed to Blaise Pascal, but the number triangle is believed tho have been known to Chia Hsien and Omar Khayyam a few centuries before Pascal. The Author field for A007318 reads:

Author N. J. A. Sloane and Mira Bernstein, Apr 28 1994

That's about nine centuries after the earliest documentation of the "arithmetic triangle," as Pascal called it in the 17th Century.

A more recent example is A182369, decimal expansion of , also known as Jenny's constant. The author field for that entry reads thus:

Author Eric W. Weisstein, Apr 26 2012

Eric Weisstein is the one who submitted the sequence to the OEIS, and so he's listed as the author, even though in a more general sense, the author could be said to be Randall Munroe (author of the XKCD "cartoon"). A tenuous argument could even be made for Tommy Tutone's songwriter. But Weisstein is the one who submitted the entry to the OEIS and tailored the original wording of that entry.

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