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A341082 Incrementally largest values of minimal y satisfying the equation x^2-D*y^2=5, where D is a prime number. 2
2, 58, 1922, 35078, 76016042, 1161958198, 233025369988282, 5732081667022982, 6162672978871449862, 4778628197827994122556402, 3995105338251652225860073210642, 9319999956851141533879334192705803394284705042 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



Table of n, a(n) for n=1..12.

Christine Patterson, COCALC (Sage) Program


For D=19, the least positive y for which x^2-D*y^2=5 has a solution is 2. The next prime, D, for which x^2-D*y^2=5 has a solution is 29, but the smallest positive y in this case is 2, which is equal to the previous record y. So, 29 is not a term.

The next prime, D, after 19 for which x^2-D*y^2=5 has a solution is 61 and the least positive y for which it has a solution is y=58, which is larger than 2, so it is a new record y value. So 61 is a term of A341081 and 58 is a term of this sequence.


Cf. A033315, A341081.

Sequence in context: A156507 A285148 A115610 * A191798 A206531 A290306

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Christine Patterson, Feb 13 2021



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