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A225556 Longest checkmate in king, bishop and knight versus king endgame on an n X n chessboard. 8
7, 14, 13, 22, 21, 33, 29, 47, 39, 64, 50, 78, 63, 93, 76, 112, 90, 131, 105, 151, 121, 171 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



Table of n, a(n) for n=3..24.

Julius Telesin, Can B + S give checkmate on 1000 x 1000 chessboard?, EG 73, 1983, p.190

V. Kotesovec, King and Two Generalised Knights against King, ICGA Journal, Vol. 24, No. 2, pp. 105-107 (2001)

V. Kotesovec, Fairy chess endings on an n x n chessboard, Electronic edition of chess booklets by Vaclav Kotesovec, vol. 8, p.224 and 231 (2013)


Conjecture: a(n) ~ n^2/6+3*n if n is even and a(n) ~ n^2/6+2*n if n is odd.


Longest win on an 8x8 chessboard: Ka1 Bc1 Sb1 - Kc2, 1.Bc1-d2 Kc2-b3! 2.Bd2-f4 Kb3-c2! 3.Ka1-a2! Kc2-d3! 4.Ka2-b3! Kd3-e4 5.Bf4-h2 Ke4-d5 6.Kb3-c3 Kd5-e4 7.Sb1-d2! Ke4-d5! 8.Kc3-d3! Kd5-c5! 9.Sd2-c4! Kc5-b5 10.Kd3-d4 Kb5-c6! 11.Bh2-g3 Kc6-b7! 12.Kd4-d5 Kb7-a7! 13.Kd5-c6! Ka7-a6 14.Bg3-h2 Ka6-a7! 15.Sc4-b6! Ka7-a6! 16.Bh2-b8! Ka6-a5! 17.Sb6-d5! Ka5-a4! 18.Kc6-c5 Ka4-b3! 19.Sd5-b4! Kb3-b2! 20.Bb8-f4! Kb2-c3! 21.Bf4-g5 Kc3-b3! 22.Bg5-f6 Kb3-a4 23.Kc5-c4! Ka4-a5! 24.Bf6-d8! Ka5-a4! 25.Sb4-d3! Ka4-a3! 26.Bd8-e7 Ka3-a4! 27.Sd3-c5! Ka4-a3! 28.Kc4-c3! Ka3-a2! 29.Sc5-d3! Ka2-b1! 30.Kc3-b3! Kb1-a1! 31.Kb3-c2! Ka1-a2! 32.Sd3-c1! Ka2-a1! 33.Be7-f6#, therefore a(8) = 33.


Cf. A225551, A225552, A225553, A225554, A225555, A225557, A227437.

Sequence in context: A196178 A269161 A307964 * A064666 A269160 A286418

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Vaclav Kotesovec, May 10 2013


a(21) from Vaclav Kotesovec, Jan 11 2017

a(22) from Vaclav Kotesovec, Jan 15 2017

a(23) from Vaclav Kotesovec, Jun 22 2017

a(24) from Vaclav Kotesovec, Jun 30 2017



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