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A207851 Number of meanders of order 2n+1 (4*n+2 crossings of the infinite line) with only central 1-1 cut (no other 1-1 cuts). 2
4, 16, 324, 12100, 595984, 35236096, 2363709924, 174221090404, 13815880848784, 1161868621405636, 102544273501721104, 9424551852935116804, 896612457556434503824, 87881363502264179831824, 8840846163309028336017124 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



Central cut is a 1-1 cut at the center of the meander (the i-line is for i=n).


A. Panayotopoulos and P. Tsikouras, Properties of meanders, JCMCC 46 (2003), 181-190.

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Panayotis Vlamos, Table of n, a(n) for n = 1..22

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(C/C++) int a(int n){

      return w2(i)^2;


int w1(int order, int i){

      if (i%2==0) error("error in w1(%d, %d), i is even\n", order, i);

      if (order%2) error("error in w1(%d, %d), order is odd\n", order, i);

      return w2(i+1)*w(order-i+1);


int w2(int order){

      if (order%2) error("error in w2(%d), order is odd\n", order);

      return w(order)-w3(order);


int w3(int order){

      if (order%2) error("error in w3(%d), order is odd\n", order);

      int sum=0;

      int i;

      for (i=3; i<=order-3; i+=2)

          sum+=w1(order, i);

      return sum;


// w(int i), no source here, is the respective meandric number according to Jensen A005315


Cf. A005315, A192927.

Sequence in context: A095956 A014731 A023114 * A202681 A067211 A156337

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Panayotis Vlamos and Antonios Panayotopoulos, Feb 21 2012



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