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A152973 Records in A152968. 3


%S 1,2,4,6,8,14,16,18,20,30,44,46,56,70,104,128,130,148,182,244,336,352,

%T 354,372,478,608,824,1024,1026,1048,1054,1198,1564,2040,2672,2976,

%U 2978,3000,3150,3960,5168,6752,8320,8322,8344,8348,8494,8550,9306

%N Records in A152968.

%C Excluding the initial 1, this sequence also gives the records in A151688. - _Nathaniel Johnston_, Apr 10 2011

%H David Applegate, Omar E. Pol and N. J. A. Sloane, <a href="http://neilsloane.com/doc/tooth.pdf">The Toothpick Sequence and Other Sequences from Cellular Automata</a>, Congressus Numerantium, Vol. 206 (2010), 157-191. [There is a typo in Theorem 6: (13) should read u(n) = 4.3^(wt(n-1)-1) for n >= 2.]

%H N. J. A. Sloane, <a href="/wiki/Catalog_of_Toothpick_and_CA_Sequences_in_OEIS">Catalog of Toothpick and Cellular Automata Sequences in the OEIS</a>

%Y Toothpick structure: A139250.

%Y Cf. A139251, A139252, A152968.

%Y Cf. A152978.

%K nonn

%O 1,2

%A _Omar E. Pol_, Dec 16 2008

%E More terms from _Omar E. Pol_, Dec 20 2008

%E a(17)-a(49) from _Nathaniel Johnston_, Apr 10 2011

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