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A151830 Number of fixed 4-dimensional polycubes with n cells. 8
1, 4, 28, 234, 2162, 21272, 218740, 2323730, 25314097, 281345096, 3178474308, 36400646766, 421693622520, 4933625049464, 58216226287844, 692095652493483 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



G. Aleksandrowicz and G. Barequet, Counting d-dimensional polycubes and nonrectangular planar polyominoes, Int. J. of Computational Geometry and Applications, 19 (2009), 215-229.

G. Aleksandrowicz and G. Barequet, Parallel enumeration of lattice animals, Proc. 5th Int. Frontiers of Algorithmics Workshop, Zhejiang, China, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 6681, Springer-Verlag, 90-99, May 2011.

Gill Barequet, Solomon W. Golomb, and David A. Klarner, Polyominoes. (This is a revision, by G. Barequet, of the chapter of the same title originally written by the late D. A. Klarner for the first edition, and revised by the late S. W. Golomb for the second edition.) Preprint, 2016, http://www.csun.edu/~ctoth/Handbook/chap14.pdf

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Table of n, a(n) for n=1..16.

Gill Barequet, Gil Ben-Shachar, Martha Carolina Osegueda, Applications of Concatenation Arguments to Polyominoes and Polycubes, EuroCG '20, 36th European Workshop on Computational Geometry, (W├╝rzburg, Germany, 16-18 March 2020).


Cf. A001931, A151831, A151832, A151833, A151834, A151835.

Sequence in context: A046904 A030444 A093877 * A112113 A188266 A192625

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N. J. A. Sloane, Jul 12 2009


a(16) from Luther and Mertens by Gill Barequet, Jun 12 2011



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