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A088896 Length of longest integral ladder that can be moved horizontally around the right angled corner where two hallway corridors of integral widths meet. 1
125, 1000, 2197, 3375, 4913, 8000, 15625, 17576, 24389, 27000, 39304, 42875, 50653, 59319, 64000, 68921, 91125, 125000, 132651, 140608, 148877, 166375, 195112, 216000, 226981, 274625, 314432, 343000, 389017, 405224, 421875, 474552, 512000 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)
The set of values for the integral-widths corridors and longest ladder are merely the cubes of Pythagorean triples, viz. (A046083, A046084, A009000).
The corridors' widths may be parametrically expressed as d*(sin x)^3 and d*(cos x)^3, for a longest ladder length d making an angle x with one of the corridors.
A given ladder, however, is maximum-corner-bending for a family of infinite pairs of perpendicular corridor widths and that the envelope of the maximum bending positions is that of a sliding rod against the outer wall, which is a branch of an astroid or four-cusped hypocycloid.
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a(n)=d^3, where d=A009003(n).
Sequence in context: A204611 A296037 A355885 * A016851 A204795 A352161
Lekraj Beedassy, Nov 28 2003

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