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(Greetings from The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences!)
A088799 Numbers n which are divisors of the number formed by concatenating (n-3), (n-2) and (n-1) in that order. 8
3, 11, 9491, 12258083, 36774249, 2159487563, 2561252691, 2723957777, 6478462689, 8171873331, 333351714587, 146217070005379, 438651210016137, 13919982618156833, 41759947854470499, 1278907806311980217974478364841 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)
Apart from 11, each other term in this sequence appears to also be a factor of the number formed by concatenating (n+3), (n+2) and (n+1) in that order. All terms appear to be prime. When evaluating concat((n+3),(n+2),(n+1)) - concat((n-3),(n-2),(n-1)) for members larger than 11 the difference appears to always be a number of the form 6(0)...4(0)...2 with the same number of zeros on both sides of the 4. The member will be a prime factor of this number. By factoring numbers of the form 6(0)...4(0)...2 and testing the results, three further members of this sequence have been found: 2723957777, 1260049494294190236301929754269107568067 and 103945392111236434211250670719387720140245499. I have not included these in the list of members above as they were not arrived at through brute force as the first 4 terms were and there may be other intervening terms.
a(3)=9491 because 9491 is a factor of 948894899490.
Sequence in context: A034797 A212814 A101710 * A181405 A354568 A072117
Chuck Seggelin (barkeep(AT)plastereddragon.com), Oct 19 2003
More terms from David Wasserman, Aug 25 2005

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