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I'm Jean-Bernard François (aka infofiltrage) born in France the 03/05/69 & DP Engineer (Engineering Graphics Software).

My current blog is Bondissant (almost art from geometry).

I love number theory, mathematics, and of course OEIS.

I only worked under Debian Linux System with LibreOffice, Inkscape and a LiberKey.


A099730 | A000302

Useful Links


Collatz | Diophantine | Primes | Number Theory

Sequence of the Day

Sequence of the Day for January 24

12n, n   ≥   0
{ 1, 12, 144, 1728, 20736, 248832, 2985984, ... }

These numbers are the basis of the duodecimal numeral system. Some of us might be old enough to remember in school having to learn multiplication tables up to 12 rather than 10, and perhaps also having to learn at least the small powers of 12. Starting with 12, this sequence appears in the film Vollmond (1998, dir. Fredi Murer), when the children write it on the sidewalk at night.