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A003763 Number of (undirected) Hamiltonian cycles on 2n X 2n square grid of points. 42
1, 6, 1072, 4638576, 467260456608, 1076226888605605706, 56126499620491437281263608, 65882516522625836326159786165530572, 1733926377888966183927790794055670829347983946, 1020460427390768793543026965678152831571073052662428097106 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



Orientation of the path is not important; you can start going either clockwise or counterclockwise.

The number is zero for a 2n+1 X 2n+1 grid (but see A222200).

These are also called "closed rook tours".


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Index entries for sequences related to graphs, Hamiltonian


a(n) = A321172(2n,2n). - Robert FERREOL, Apr 01 2019


a(1) = 1 because there is only one such path visiting all nodes of a square.


Other enumerations of Hamiltonian cycles on a square grid: A120443, A140519, A140521, A222200, A222201.

Sequence in context: A004806 A282233 A125536 * A179853 A268043 A190351

Adjacent sequences: A003760 A003761 A003762 * A003764 A003765 A003766




Jeffrey Shallit, Feb 14 2002


Two more terms from Andre Poenitz [André Pönitz] and Peter Tittmann (poenitz(AT)htwm.de), Mar 03 2003

a(8) from Herman Jamke (hermanjamke(AT)fastmail.fm), Nov 21 2006

a(9) and a(10) from Jesper L. Jacobsen (jesper.jacobsen(AT)u-psud.fr), Dec 12 2007



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