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I was born in 2010, Shanghai, China. I am currently a student in Class 11 Grade 7 of Shanghai Shibei Middle school. I've been a contributor to the OEIS since April 8, 2022.
The OEIS has been a place full of memories, as it records my initial experience on the Internet. Starting with the impatience at first, I have been more focused on sequences' inherent quality, making full preparations before submission. Over time, it's clear that my sequences' quality has been steadily improving.
Meanwhile, my attitude towards editors changed. I used to ignore editors' detailed remarks about coding, format or content. However, during an internal debate on the meaning of OEIS, I found it is their spirit of making perfection more perfect that make up the essence why the OEIS has kept improving. Now I put much more focus on those remarks, especially through Kevin's words which make me learn PARI with proper instruction--far more useful than the tutorials.
It appears to me that some of my early sequences and comments don't meet my current standard, which requires more mathematical value other than sequences with trivial patterns or definitions. But it is good to keep these records.
My approved sequences: A353651, A353652, A353653, A354968 (with Ali Sada), A358094 (with Thomas Scheuerle), A358095, A358096, A358557, A360530, A362068, A362110, A362471, A362564, A362626, A363198, A366066, A367116, A368350.
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