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Vladimir Baltic was born in 1973. in Belgrade. During high school (from 1989. till 1991.) he was the absolute winner in the National competitions in mathematics. In 1990. and 1991. he took part in the Balkan Mathematical Olimpiads in Bulgaria and Romania (second and third prizes) and in International Mathematical Olimpiads in China and Sweden (two bronze medals). In 1990. he received October prize of City of Belgrade for youth work.

He is a member of the Redactional Council of Mathematical review “Tangenta”. He is a member of the Republic Committee for High School Competitions in Mathematics (he was a president of this Committee). He was the team leader of Yugoslav high school team in mathematics several times and he was. He was a coordinator at IMO 2006. in Slovenia and JBMO 2004. in Serbia.

The IBM's puzzle for March 2004 was based on work by Vladeta Jovovic and Vladimir Baltic:

He had contributed with over sixty sequences to the OEIS and with several comments.

He is married and have two kids - Andjelija and Marko.

Subjects of interest: Graph theory, Combinatorics and Mathematical Education. He wrote several books in Combinatorics and Graph Theory (in serbian).