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Born New Zealand, 1959. Lived in both North and South Islands, (mostly North Island) until 1970 when I emigrated to Newcastle Australia and went to high school there. I studied Classical Civilisations, English, Philosophy, Mathematics at Newcastle Uni then switched to the Visual arts, Sculpture, Sound, Film, Multimedia and Programming at Sydney College of the Arts (now Sydney University). I worked in the Australian Public Service (Taxation Office) , I spent much of my time there in industrial, organisational and technological change roles. I worked briefly as web designer and pension officer at Veterans Affairs, then left the public service for a variety of positions. I currently work at the Reserve Bank Sydney. Since 2000 I have commenced research and self-study in a range of art related and mathematics topics. My most developed research has been in the area of squared square dissections. I maintain a website with many tilings and some information.