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My name is Ron Wolf, and I am a computer science major and linguistics minor undergraduate at Rutgers University - New Brunswick, anticipating graduation in May of 2021. I had the great fortune of taking a basic linear algebra course there with Doron Zeilberger (here you can find some of his credited sequences, if you're curious). I've also been following Numberphile for ages, which introduced me to OEIS via the interviews with Neil Sloane. In the vein of YouTube, I am a longtime fan of Grant Sanderson (a.k.a. 3blue1brown) and James Grime, recently got into Tom Crawford's talks on fluid dynamics, and am also getting into arithmetic dynamical systems thanks to Holly Krieger's published lectures. All of this is current to Fall 2020.

Great childhood memory: realizing in bed with a start that the first differences of the squares were the odd numbers, and calling my dad over to tell him. I had no idea I'd stumbled upon the calculus I'd be taught several years later, let alone that there was an entire online encyclopedia cataloguing such factoids!

Although I wasn't able to fit as much maths into my undergraduate career as I would've liked, I'm intent on pursuing my fascination with mathematics regardless. I intend to do so by participating in online learning, contributing to common resources such as OEIS, and hopefully even meeting with people in person to discuss and work on intriguing problems! (This could be you!™)

I can be found on GitHub at @ron-wolf and on Twitter at @flownor. If you'd like to reach out, I'm often quick to respond; just send an email with "OEIS" in the subject line to <my first name> dot <my last name> at Rutgers dot edu.