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Ph.D., ATP / Lear-Jet type rating / Master Pilot (Wright Brother's Award from the FAA) Master CFI w/Gold Seal & CGI, CSIP.

email spelled out phonetically:
Romeo Golf Whiskey Victor (at) Romeo Golf Whiskey Victor (dot) com.

Cel: 3*7*7*21540203.

I am an active professional aerospace educator, Master Certified Flight Instructor, Master Pilot, an Airline Transport Pilot with Lear Jet type rating with over 10,000 logged flight hours. Currently I am flying a Pressurized Beech Baron and a King Air 250 and an acting Chief Flight Instructor for a part 141 flight school in Southeastern Florida.

I am an amateur mathematician (minored in Math 1970, KU) and I have been an associate editor since 2002. I have the honor of being cited in the 'The Encyclopedia Of Integer Sequences' as being "our most prolific contributor of new sequences". At the beginning of 2014, I was the sixth most productive contributor.

Probably my most noteworthy sequence is A007097: R.G. Wilson's Primeth recurrence: a(n+1) = a(n)-th prime. The name is in honor of my father who died just a few months before the publication of the Encyclopedia. My best algorithm is probably SemiPrimePi which I first formulated and posted on May 16 2005 but which I have refined (Jan 03 2006) to what it is today. Since then I have extended the principles to k-almost primes.

One of my current favorite themes is the Wichita algorithms, i.e.; the mappings of k -> (k - k/p) where p is any prime factors of k.

I have authored over 4455 sequences, and I have had the pleasure to co-author with one hundred seventy five different OEIS contributors. This does not come anywhere close to the number that our esteemed leader has partnered with, but it's been rewarding.

I was born the same day that the first practical electronic transistor was demonstrated by Bardeen, Brattain, and Shockley of the United States; in the year corresponding to a number whose last differences of its divisors is 0. Also I was born on the 60th anniversary of Srinivasa Ramanujan's (Erode, Tamilnadu, India) birth or on the 19th anniversary of Henry Burchard Fine's (born 14 September 1858 in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania) death.

My goal is to create the "best" Mathematica® program for many of the sequences (6100 right now) in the OEIS database as I have time and energy for plus extend those which I find interesting. I believe that by adding the Mathematica® coding this helps to define the sequence.