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My name is Petros Hadjicostas and I am from Cyprus. I have a PhD in Statistics from Carnegie Mellon University, which I have earned in 1995. I have taught Statistics at the University of Cyprus (1995-1999), SUNY Brockport (1999-2001), Texas Tech University (2001-2011), and Victoria University of Wellington (2011-2016). I have done research in Statistics (Bayesian Statistics, Logistic Regression, Simpson's Paradox), Mathematics (Special functions, Combinatorics, Compositions of Integers, Analysis of Sorting Algorithms), and Operations Research (Data Envelopment Analysis). I have collaborated with Scott Berry, George Hadjinicola, Andreas Soteriou, K. B. Lakshmanan, Jonathan Sondow, Roger W. Barnard, Chris Monico, Alexander Solynin, and others.