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Mücke & me (Datteln, 15.05.2023)
Me on a bench (Cuxhaven, 14.06.2022)

My name is Mike Winkler, also known as mikematics. I am a mathematician and live on a horse farm on the German North Sea coast.

My work is mostly in the areas of number theory, combinatorics and discrete geometry, including graph theory. When a problem grabs me, I work on it for many years. My favorite topics are the 3x + 1 problem, regular matchstick graphs, nonperiodic tilings and Heesch’s problem. Besides math, I love horses and cycling, play the piano and guitar, swim and paint occasionally.

For more information about me and my mathematical work, please visit the following links.


Preprints and published articles: arXiv and ResearchGate