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Currently in 12th Grade

Math enthusiast since I was little

On TikTok, YouTube, & Twitter as Math Nerd 1729

I was lucky enough for blackpenredpen on YouTube to give me a shoutout once for providing this new explicit formula for A154955: a(n) = 2/sqrt(3) * sin(2*pi/3 * n!)

I often play with numbers and I noticed that I will be 6427 days old on Pi Day 2022. I noticed that not only is 6427 a prime number, but it's also formed by writing a perfect cube and then the previous perfect cube.

I found a few numbers with this property, and I'm interested to put them in the OEIS: 6427 (from 4^3 and 3^3) 2700024389 (from 30^3 and 29^3) 6400059319 (from 40^3 and 39^3) 7408868921 (from 42^3 and 41^3) 12597121225043 (from 108^3 and 107^3) 29859842924207 (from 144^3 and 143^3)