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Interests: Computer programming, fractals, recreational mathematics.

Some of my relevant publications: K. Shirriff, ``Voronoi Fractals, In The Pattern Book, C. Pickover, 1995. K. Shirriff, ``An Investigation of z -> 1/z^n+c, Computers & Graphics, 17(5), Sep. 1993, pp 603-607. K. Shirriff, ``Generating Fractals from Voronoi Diagrams, Computers & Graphics, 17(2), Mar. 1993, pp 165-167. K. Shirriff, ``Fractals from Simple Polynomial Composite Functions, Computers & Graphics, 17(6), Nov. 1993, pp 701-703. K. Shirriff, ``Computing Replicating Fibonacci Digits, Journal of Recreational Mathematics, 26(3), July 1994, 191-193. K. Shirriff, ``Comments on Double Smoothly Undulating Integers, Journal of Recreational Mathematics, 26(2), Apr. 1994, 104-106. K. Shirriff, ``Unsymmetrical N-dimensional Binary Colorings, Journal of Recreational Mathematics, 26(1), Jan. 1994, pp 2-5.