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Dear Oeis,

My name is Игорь Валерьевич Серов or Igor Valerjevitsj Serov.

Born in Smolensk on 10 October 1966, Russia, the USSR.

Graduated from the Moscow Engineering Physics Instituut with a degree of a Physics Engineer, speciality: Nuclear Reactor Physics.

Have a doctor degree from the Delft University of Technology Estimation of Detector Responses by Midway Forward and Adjoint Monte Carlo Coupling in Nuclear Systems.

Work on a Theory of Everything and build a Time Machine called the Current History of the Future and therefore pursue a passionate research on prime numbers in general as well as on sequences of natural and genuine numbers in particular.

Find The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences OEIS.ORG to be a wonderful scientific resource!!! Look forward to become a good contributor.

Sincerely Yours, I.V. Serov