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==Gerard P. Michon==, Ph.D, X1976 (born March 29, 1956). Los Angeles, CA

I am a graduate from the French Ecole Polytechnique ("X" for short) which is arguably France's foremost scientific Grande Ecole. The tradition peculiar to that school is to quote the entrance year (1976) rather than the year of graduation... The competitiveness of the entrance exam is such that almost everybody graduates in minimum time (which was 3 years in my days, it's 4 years now). I also obtained an engineering degree from ENST, Paris.

I earned a Ph.D. from UCLA in 1983, under Judea Pearl and S.A. Greibach.

Home page:

I was the proud owner of a copy of the EIS book and have contributed about 0.02% of the current OEIS!