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Wellington, New Zealand. I have over 40 sequences on I posted on newsgroups alt.math or sci.math around 1993-2010. I do regular ads in Dominion Post newspaper, Wellington. Personal column. Two sequences in particular include 1580187223 (median prime triple divides billion raised to billion, plus 3)or 1215306625 (sums of 2 squares.) Most of my peak computer work uses Acorn riscOs programs SeriCalc4S (serious serial calculator with printout) or c241Q (factor integers up to 2^52, BASIC64. And convert words and names to base 27, 16, 100, 60.) I believe my reciprocal, 61' is equidistributed, appears in Penguin dictionary of curious & interesting numbers (Revd edn 1997.) Also (.7 ^ -6)^85 = 1.000e79. (7^510 = 1e431.) Fermat method factorise can be iterated, V((V(Ans sq +B)+1)sq - B)= = =. (V = sqrt) Also by trial. (A / (A / ans +2 ) = =. Casio FX82AU sci-calc. I donot know anyone that may imitate my continued fraction convergents spread sheet.