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Some friends of mine have asked me to write a book about my life. It's been an unusual life in some ways. Since I'm writing that, can I skip writing it here for now, and write more here later? I'll say here now that I'm not a professional mathematician. I'm currently a grocery store deli cook. I'm largely self-taught in math, but I have a master's degree in math. One time when I ran out of dollars and still had days until payday, I converted all my money to pennies and arranged them into shapes triangular, rhombic, hexagonal and star, and I got to wondering which numbers could make more than one shape. I was living in a university town at the time, and so I went to a number theory class and learned Pell's Equation to answer that question for 2 shapes. I kept going to the class and even handing in the homework and doing well in it. From that I got recruited to be a student, and I went on to get degrees, but that didn't get me a job. I guess I had too many menial-sounding jobs in my work history by the time I got math degrees, or I just didn't know how to go about looking for a math job. Soon after I got the degrees I had a political and religious falling-out with the math professors who liked me so much, so I lost any help that they would have given me in the math job market (but I still like them, and I like my life).