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Antal Pinter, dipl.ecc.

      Born in 1954 in B. Topola, Yugoslavia. Studied computer sciences at the Faculty of Economics in Subotica, University of Novi Sad. Employed since 1978 in "Fidelinka" food production company in Subotica, working on economic affairs and various projects, and in the last 25 years mainly engaged in Management Information Systems, computer aided data processing and programming jobs. 
      Amateur mathematical research in the field of combinatorics and recreational problems led me in 1973 to discovery the formula for 3 non-attacking Queens on the chess board of arbitrary size (A047659 ) which was, however,  considered a side issue on the way to achieving the general solution, and it remained unpublished. 

By later knowledge that E.Landau already solved the problem, I was nevertheless released it in 2011 from didactic reasons, and the fact that the formulas differ substantially in form. [P3 at pg.8 of ] As an interesting coincidence is, that both of them have been found by its authors in their age of 19! Similarly, another integer sequences and identities are identified, among which is certainly the one that used for converting the modified tables of Pascal's triangle to binominal expressions, as well as the formula for the integer sequence A002624 in binomial form! [Q(n) at pg.8 of ibid]

       Particular attention was devoted to study of Factor analysis as a multivariate statistical method, by which I developed a program called "Easy Factor Analysis 9v4".