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Developer of the programming language "Frink" ( ).

Relevant to this site, he has done some exploration into "self-locating" strings in the decimal digits of pi, extending the search to 1 trillion digits: A057680, A057679, A064810

For every 10 times larger search space (that is, adding one decimal digit, or, say, increasing the search space from its current limit of 1 trillion to 10 trillion) he calculated that (theoretically exactly) 0.9 new instances would be found, making further explorations asymptotically difficult and expensive, and only marginally likely to succeed (say, given a market average of 3 TB hard drives.)

Eliasen also authored several of the much-faster BigInteger algorithms in Java 1.8, which drastically improved performance for large numbers, and affect both BigInteger and BigDecimal calculations. These include Karatsuba multiplication, Karatsuba squaring, 3-way Toom-Cook multiplication and squaring, drastically faster exponentiation, Schoenhage-Strassen recursive algorithms for base conversion and printing of numbers in many bases, and more. These optimizations improve Java's numerics from taking several days for some calculations to to completing in seconds.