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Transformations of Integer Sequences (Mathematica Version)

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Transformations of Integer Sequences (Mathematica Version)

A subpage of the The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences which makes extensive use of these transformations.

File:BluePinLeft.gif Keywords: AND-convolution, binomial, bisect, boustrophedon, complement, convolution, decimate, differences, Euler, exponential, inverse, Lambert, lcm-convolution, logarithmic, Moebius (or Mobius), OR-convolution, partial products, partial sums, partition, revert (or reversion), sort, trisect, XOR-convolution, weigh, etc., transforms; Maple.

This file is basically a pointer to a plain text file, which contains Mathematica procedures for performing a large number of useful transformations on sequences and numbers, and is based on the Maple procedures given in the file transforms.txt.