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This documentation subpage contains instructions, categories, or other information for Template:To do. [<Edit> Template:To do]

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The {{to do}} OEIS Wiki maintenance template is intended to be used as a reminder to editors that a specific task needs to be done on an item (article page, template, ...), e.g. verify, clarify, elaborate, prove, provide examples, provide sources, provide table, illustrate, debug (a template), etc. The item is categorized in Category:To do and in appropriate subcategories according to the task to be done.


{{to do|task = task|reason = reason|stamp = stamp}}


{{to do|task|reason|stamp}}


{{to do|task = task|reason = reason|user = user|date = date}}


{{to do|task|reason|user|date}}


{{to do|task = task|reason = reason|user = user}}


{{to do|task|reason|user}}


{{to do|task = task|reason = reason}}


{{to do|task|reason}}


{{to do|task = task}}


{{to do|task}}


{{todo|task = task}}



Important: the item must contain the following wikitext (since a note will be added for easy location of the task to be done)

== Notes ==
<references />

Valid arguments

Optional arguments:

  • reason;

and either

  • stamp (signature followed by time and date stamp: use ~~~~ as parameter to automatically generate it);


  • user;
  • date.


: An untested gizmo{{To do}} yields

An untested gizmo (To do)[1]

: An untested gizmo{{To do|Test}} yields

An untested gizmo (Test)[2]

: Untested gizmo{{to do|task = Test|reason = I don't know yet if it always work!|user = Daniel Forgues|date = Jan 01, 1900}} yields

Untested gizmo (Test)[3]

: Untested gizmo{{to do|task = Test|reason = I don't know yet if it always work!|stamp = ~~~~}} yields

Untested gizmo (Test)[4]

: An unverified claim{{To do|Verify}} yields

An unverified claim (Verify)[5]

: An unverified claim{{To do|V}} yields

An unverified claim (Verify)[6]

: A confusing argument{{To do|Clarify}} yields

A confusing argument (Clarify)[7]

: A confusing argument{{To do|C|confusing argument|stamp = ~~~~}} yields

A confusing argument (Clarify: confusing argument)[8]

: A minimalist proposition{{To do|Elaborate}} yields

A minimalist proposition (Elaborate)[9]

: A minimalist proposition{{To do|E}} yields

A minimalist proposition (Elaborate)[10]

: The Riemann Hypothesis{{To do|Prove|Riemann Hypothesis}} yields

The Riemann Hypothesis(Provide proof: Riemann Hypothesis)[11]

: The twin prime conjecture{{To do|P}} yields

The twin prime conjecture(Provide proof: PROOF GOES HERE. □)[12]

: The twin prime conjecture{{To do|Sources}} yields

The twin prime conjecture(Provide sources)[13]

: The twin prime conjecture{{To do|S}} yields

The twin prime conjecture(Provide sources)[14]

: Counterexamples to the Riemann Hypothesis{{To do|Examples}} yields

Counterexamples to the Riemann Hypothesis(Provide examples)[15]

: Eventual odd perfect numbers{{To do|X|odd perfect numbers}} yields

Eventual odd perfect numbers(Provide examples: odd perfect numbers)[16]

For {{To do|Illustrate}} usage, see The Stern-Brocot or Farey Tree or Balanced ternary numeral system.

: The [[Mandelbrot set]]

{{tnxb|To do|Illustrate}}


The Mandelbrot set


: The [[Koch snowflake]]

{{tnxb|To do|I|Koch snowflake}}


The Koch snowflake


: The [[table of prime factors]]

{{tnxb|To do|Table|table of prime factors}}


The table of prime factors


: The [[table of divisors]]

{{tnxb|To do|T|table of divisors}}


The table of divisors


Examples with other tasks

: TO DO.{{To do|Tasks list|
* first task
* second task
* third task
* fourth task
* fifth task


TO DO. (Tasks list)[21]


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