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The {{parenthesis/glyph}} template ({{paren/glyph}} for short) gives the HTML glyphs needed by the {{parenthesis}} template ({{paren}} for short).

All glyphs to make round parentheses in HTML+CSS:

  • parentheses: ( and ),
  • Left parenthesis upper hook: U+239B ⎛
  • Left parenthesis extension: U+239C ⎜
  • Left parenthesis lower hook: U+239D ⎝

  • Right parenthesis upper hook: U+239E ⎞
  • Right parenthesis extension: U+239F ⎟
  • Right parenthesis lower hook: U+23A0 ⎠



where part is from

  • l: whole left parenthesis (
  • r: whole right parenthesis )

  • ul: upper left
  • le: left extension
  • ll: lower left
  • ur: upper right
  • re: right extension
  • lr: lower right

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