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The {{indent}} typographical template provides standardized indentations (where each indent is 6 no-break spaces).

Note: Using the wikitext : to get indentations often leads to an issue with the {{math}} template when producing an HTML+CSS formula, where everything that follows the formula gets shifted to the right (the indent sticks somehow).




{{indent|number of indents}}

where number of indents must be a nonnegative integer (default 1).


The code


  ''f{{sp|2}}{{sym|prime}}''{{sp|2}}(''x'') {{=}} ''d'' iff {{sym|forall}}{{sp|-4}}''{{Gr|epsilon}}'', {{sym|exists}}''{{Gr|delta}}'' s.t. 
  0 < {{abs|{{Gr|Delta}}{{thinsp}}''x''|htm}} < ''{{Gr|delta}}'' with 
    | {{thinsp}}''f''{{sp|3}}(''x'' {{op|+}} {{Gr|Delta}}{{thinsp}}''x'') {{op|-}} ''f''{{sp|3}}(''x'') 
    | {{Gr|Delta}}{{thinsp}}''x'' 
    |HTM}} {{op|-}} ''d'' 
  |HTM}} < ''{{Gr|epsilon}}''


yields the display style HTML+CSS

f  ′  (x) = d iff ∀ϵ, ∃δ s.t. 0 <
| Δ x |
< δ with
f (x + Δ x) − f (x)
Δ x
< ϵ

while the code


  ''f{{sym|prime|tex}}'' (''x'') {{=}} ''d'' \text{ iff } {{sym|forall|tex}}''{{Gr|epsilon|tex}}'',\, {{sym|exists|tex}}''{{Gr|delta|tex}}'' 
  \text{ s.t. } 0 < {{abs| {{Gr|Delta|tex}}{{thinsp|tex}}''x'' |tex}} < ''{{Gr|delta|tex}}'' \text{ with} 
  {{abs| {{frac| ''f''(''x'' {{op|+|tex}} {{Gr|Delta|tex}}{{thinsp|tex}}''x'') {{op|-|tex}} ''f''(''x'') 
  | {{Gr|Delta|tex}}{{thinsp|tex}}''x'' |TEX}} {{op|-|tex}} ''d'' |TEX}} < ''{{Gr|epsilon|tex}}''


yields the display style LaTeX (succeeds in Internet Explorer, but fails in Firefox!)




  Provides standardized indentations (8 no-break spaces).

--><includeonly>{{#switch: {{#if: {{{1|}}} | {{{1}}} | 1 }}
| 0 =
| 1 = &#x00A0;&#x00A0;&#x00A0;&#x00A0;&#x00A0;&#x00A0;&#x00A0;&#x00A0;
| {{repeat| {{{1}}} |&#x00A0;&#x00A0;&#x00A0;&#x00A0;&#x00A0;&#x00A0;&#x00A0;&#x00A0;}}

See also

  • {{sp}} (horizontal space of a chosen width, possibly negative)
  • {{thinsp}} (3mu space, i.e. 3/18 of a quad space, or 1/6 em @opsp@@opsp@≈@opsp@@opsp@ 0.16667em)
  • {{nbsp}} (6 mu no-break space, i.e. 6/18 of a quad space, or 1/3 em @opsp@@opsp@≈@opsp@@opsp@ 0.33333em) (formally known as: non-breaking space)

  • {{indent}} (standardized indentations)

  • {{nl}} (new line)