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The {{cosh}} hyperbolic function template returns the hyperbolic cosine of , where is a real number.


{{cosh|a real number}}

Valid input

A real number as argument.


Examples with valid input

Code Result
{{cosh|-1}} 1.5430806348152
{{cosh|-0.5}} 1.1276259652064
{{cosh|0}} 1
{{cosh|0.5}} 1.1276259652064
{{cosh|1}} 1.5430806348152

Examples with invalid input (returns an error message)

Code Result
{{cosh|i}} Cosh error: Argument must be a real number


{{ifnum| {{{1|not a number}}}
| {{#expr: ( exp (+{{{1}}}) + exp (-{{{1}}}) ) / 2 }}
| {{error| Cosh error: Argument must be a real number }}

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