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The {{cos}} circular function template returns the cosine of , where is a real number expressing a circular angle in radians.

Note that you may also use the cos operator (used within the {{#expr: }} parser function extension, e.g. {{#expr: cos (pi/6) }}) which also takes a circular angle in radians as argument.


{{cos|a real number}}

Valid input

A real number (expressing a circular angle in radians) as argument.


Examples with valid input

Code Result
{{cos|-5*pi/2}} 3.0616169978684E-16
{{cos|-pi/2}} 6.1232339957368E-17
{{cos|-pi/3}} 0.5
{{cos|-pi/4}} 0.70710678118655
{{cos|-pi/6}} 0.86602540378444
{{cos|0}} 1
{{cos|pi/6}} 0.86602540378444
{{cos|pi/4}} 0.70710678118655
{{cos|pi/3}} 0.5
{{cos|pi/2}} 6.1232339957368E-17
{{cos|5*pi/2}} 3.0616169978684E-16

Examples with invalid input (returns an error message)

Code Result
{{cos|i}} Expression error: Unrecognized word "i".


Currently (using built-in error message)

{{#expr: cos ({{{1}}}) }}

instead of (using custom error message)

{{ifnum| {{{1|NAN}}}
| {{#expr: cos ({{{1}}}) }}
| {{error| Cos error: Argument must be a real number (circular angle in radians) }}

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