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Exponentiation should refer to the operation, for which we should distinguish at least 3 classes of functions:

The contents of the page Exponentiation belongs to Exponentials, and separate pages for Powers and n^n should be written. We may blend everything on the single page Exponentiation, but I think it is better to have separate pages for Powers and Exponentials especially, then we might as well have a separate page for n^n which is quite interesting by itself.

I cannot move the page to Exponentials! I cleared the stub page that I previously created, hoping it would allow the move, it didn't. Then I moved it to Exponentials (DELETED STUB PAGE) hoping to clear the way for the move, still no success. Even clearing the redirect doesn't work. So I can't move Exponentiation to Exponentials.

Daniel Forgues 01:47, 4 September 2010 (UTC)