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Road map

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The planned migration of the OEIS

This page will be rewritten very soon! The new OEIS is now running! See

Stage 0

The current stage. is the primary site of the OEIS. is under construction, for both the classic and wiki views. Updates from the primary site are propagated to both versions on

Stage 1

Initial testing. is opened up to a small group for initial exploration. Updates and submissions are still submitted to, and propagated to

Stage 1a

Edit testing. Updates and submissions are permitted in the wiki, but when pages are flagged stable, the updates flow back to for incorporation into the main OEIS. This stage may be quite short-lived.

Stage 2

Edits in the wiki. Updates and submissions are only permitted in the wiki. When flagged stable, updates propagate to both and the classic view.

Stage 3 is shut down, replaced with a redirect to This unfortunate step is (presumably) necessary before allowing non-AT&T employees to flag pages as stable.

Stage 4

The sequence page structure, necessary for full propagation to the classic view, is relaxed. The classic view may still be partially supported, but the wiki pages will be allowed more flexibility. Some structure will still be required, to support certain sequence searches as well as superseeker and the email-based lookup.