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Polynomials are expressions summing powers with zero (constant polynomials), one (univariate polynomials), two (bivariate polynomials), three (trivariate polynomials), or more variables. For example, is a polynomial (e.g. a bivariate quadrinomial). The monomials 12 × 7 and are constant polynomials. Polynomials may have one term (monomials), two terms (binomials), three terms (trinomials), etc.

Classification of polynomials by degree

The degenerate

0. constant polynomials (degree 0)


  1. Linear polynomials (degree 1)
  2. Quadratic polynomials (degree 2)
  3. Cubic polynomials (degree 3)
  4. Quartic polynomials (degree 4)
  5. Quintic polynomials (degree 5)
  6. Sextic polynomials (degree 6)
  7. Septic polynomials (degree 7)
  8. Octic polynomials (degree 8)
  9. Nonic polynomials (degree 9)
  10. Decic polynomials (degree 10)
  11. Hendecic polynomials (degree 11)
  12. Dodecic polynomials (degree 12)

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