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Plouffe's Inverter

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Plouffe's Inverter (PI), by Simon Plouffe, is (was) an online [floating point] number checker (using a mathematical constants online database). The main page is located at (not available anymore, try Inverse Symbolic Calculator Plus (ISC+):

From the main page of Plouffe's Inverter (Dec 02 2011):

This server is a database of more than
215,000,000 mathematical constants
like Pi, E, Catalan or Euler-Mascheroni constant
with more than 2 billion digits.

Enter a number and the program
will find what the number is made of.

You can enter a number
from 5 to 64 digits

The most recent version of Plouffe's Inverter consists of a Maple program and tables totaling several terabytes of data. Because of its size, this version is not available online, though several earlier versions are.

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  • Bruno Salvy and Paul Zimmermann, "GFUN: a Maple package for the manipulation of generating and holonomic functions in one variable," ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software (TOMS), 20 (2): June 1994, pp. 163-177. doi:10.1145/178365.178368

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