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The editing policy for the OEIS Wiki is simple: mathematical correctness and common sense above all else. For matters of style, see Style Sheet for OEIS Wiki. When in doubt, consult a member of the Editorial Board.

A note on wikis and Wikipedia

The OEIS Wiki is built on MediaWiki, the same software which runs Wikipedia. There are similarities but also crucial differences from Wikipedia:

  • Technical limitations imposed by MediaWiki apply to both the OEIS Wiki and Wikipedia. For example, MediaWiki does not allow you to upload your own TeX packages and use them between math tags.
  • Wikipedia policies are irrelevant to the OEIS Wiki. Examples:
    1. Notability. The OEIS welcomes many topics which would not be allowed on Wikipedia (and vice versa).
    2. Original research. If you use a well-known identity and a famous theorem to prove a very obvious fact, there is no need to give a citation for it (but please provide one if you have it!). This would not really count as "original research" by the standards of most journals. But if your research is so original it could make you famous, it might be a good idea to publish it in a journal first, then cite the work in the OEIS.
    3. Deletion. The forms for Bureaucrats about deleting pages or blocking users contain links to this Policy page.