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  • what is the right copyright, license, privacy policy, disclaimers
  • should pages edited by editors automatically be approved?
  • what should the wiki and the classic view be named? What should be their root urls?
    • current plan:
    • ==
    • = classic OEIS page
    • = wiki OEIS page
    • = real wiki root
    • redirects to
    • redirects to
Is a simple syntax for fixed-format text possible?
The preformatted <pre>...</pre> tags work, and will declare intent well enough to keep other editors from removing the leading blank alternative marking.
ASCII not what your Oeisland can do for you.
ASCII what you can do for your Oeisland.
Testing whether inline code tags work.
Testing whether works.
  • should the username be the real name, or should they be allowed to be different?
  • can the wiki category capabilities capture the OEIS index page contents?

By the way, the wiki math tags now work. So, simple expressions like <math>\beta^2 - 4x\alpha</math> show up as using just html, while more complicated expressions like <math>\frac{-\beta\pm\sqrt{\beta^2 - 4x\alpha}}{2\alpha}</math> are rendered via latex as png files like .