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Differential Propositional Calculus • Overview

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Author: Jon Awbrey

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A differential propositional calculus is a propositional calculus extended by a set of terms for describing aspects of change and difference, for example, processes taking place in a universe of discourse or transformations mapping a source universe to a target universe.

Casual Introduction

Cactus Calculus

Formal Development

Elementary Notions

Special Classes of Propositions

Linear Propositions

Positive Propositions

Singular Propositions

Differential Extensions


Appendix 1. Propositional Forms and Differential Expansions

Table A1. Propositional Forms on Two Variables

Table A2. Propositional Forms on Two Variables

Table A3. Ef Expanded Over Differential Features

Table A4. Df Expanded Over Differential Features

Table A5. Ef Expanded Over Ordinary Features

Table A6. Df Expanded Over Ordinary Features

Appendix 2. Differential Forms

Table A7. Differential Forms Expanded on a Logical Basis

Table A8. Differential Forms Expanded on an Algebraic Basis

Table A9. Tangent Proposition as Pointwise Linear Approximation

Table A10. Taylor Series Expansion Df = df + d²f

Table A11. Partial Differentials and Relative Differentials

Table A12. Detail of Calculation for the Difference Map

Appendix 3. Computational Details

Operator Maps for the Logical Conjunction f8(u, v)

Computation of εf8
Computation of Ef8
Computation of Df8
Computation of df8
Computation of rf8
Computation Summary for Conjunction

Operator Maps for the Logical Equality f9(u, v)

Computation of εf9
Computation of Ef9
Computation of Df9
Computation of df9
Computation of rf9
Computation Summary for Equality

Operator Maps for the Logical Implication f11(u, v)

Computation of εf11
Computation of Ef11
Computation of Df11
Computation of df11
Computation of rf11
Computation Summary for Implication

Operator Maps for the Logical Disjunction f14(u, v)

Computation of εf14
Computation of Ef14
Computation of Df14
Computation of df14
Computation of rf14
Computation Summary for Disjunction

Appendix 4. Source Materials

Appendix 5. Various Definitions of the Tangent Vector


OverviewPart 1Part 2AppendicesReferences