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OEIS Search Bar

The simple way to add an OEIS search to the search bar in most browsers is to visit an OEIS page (such as this one), and then the search bar pulldown will offer to add the OEIS to the list of search engines. This works with Firefox (1.5 or later), Google Chrome and Internet Explorer (7 or later).

For Google Chrome, to use OEIS search, right-click on the "omnibox" and select "Edit Search Engines" (or wrench, Options, Manage search engines...). An extension such as Simple Search may make this easier to use.

Alternatives, and more details:

  • To add an OEIS search bar to Firefox (1.5 or later), Internet Explorer (7 or later), Google Chrome or Mozilla Seamonkey (and perhaps Camino) click here.
  • To add an OEIS search bar to Opera (version 9 or later), go to the main lookup page, right click in the text box, and select "Create search...". You can also add the OEIS to the search bar using Tools -> Preferences -> Search.
  • For Safari, you need to use an extension to have customizable search. OpenSearch is a simple extension that adds OpenSearch capability to Safari. If it is installed, you can add OEIS search to its search set from any OEIS page.
  • There are also OpenSearch and Sherlock OEIS search plugins available at mycroft.mozdev.org.
  • Thanks to several sequence fans who set up these plugins.

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