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A217473 Product of the first n+1 odd-indexed Lucas numbers A000032. 2


%S 1,4,44,1276,96976,19298224,10054374704,13714167096256,

%T 48973290700730176,457851294761126415424,11206368290573330143917824,

%U 718092873691648422292110244096,120467978583384630972146706659789056

%N Product of the first n+1 odd-indexed Lucas numbers A000032.

%C This sequence is used in A217472 to produce the integer instead of rational Ozeki-Prodinger triangle, and the corresponding sequence A217474.

%F a(n) = Product_{i=0..n} L(2*i+1), n >= 0, with the Lucas numbers L=A000032.

%Y Cf. A000032, 2*A070825 (product of the first n+1 Lucas numbers).

%Y Cf. A217472, A217474.

%K nonn,easy

%O 0,2

%A _Wolfdieter Lang_, Oct 12 2012

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