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A141840 a(n) = first term that can be reduced in n steps via repeated interpretation of a(n) as a base b+1 number where b is the largest digit of a(n), such that b is always 6 so that each interpretation is base 7. Terms already fully reduced (i.e., single digits) are excluded. 6
16, 64, 631, 1561, 4360, 15466, 63043, 34406005, 565306024, 23001126626004, 4562530234315632 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



It is sometimes possible to compute additional terms by taking the last term, treating it as base 10 and converting to base 7. This may create a term minimally interpretable as base 7 which can converted back to base 10 yielding the previous term in the sequence which will itself yield N further terms. But there is no guarantee (except in base 2) that the term so derived will be the first term to produce a sequence of N+1 terms. There could be another, smaller, term which satisfies that requirement but which uses different terms. Pushing the last term of this sequence does not produce a value minimally interpretable as base 7.


Table of n, a(n) for n=1..11.


a(3) = 631 because 631 is the first number that can produce a sequence of three terms by repeated interpretation as a base 7 number: [631] (base-7) --> [316] (base-7) --> [160] (base-7) --> [91]. Since 91 cannot be minimally interpreted as a base 7 number, the sequence terminates with 160. a(1) = 16 because 16 is the first number that can be reduced once, yielding no further terms minimally interpretable as base 7.


Cf. A091049, A141836, A141837, A141838, A141839, A141841, A141842.

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Chuck Seggelin (seqfan(AT)plastereddragon.com), Jul 10 2008


a(10)-a(11) from Giovanni Resta, Feb 23 2013



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