Explorations of A139250 (Omar Pol's toothpick sequence) and other toothpick-like sequences

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See the OEIS entries for A139250, A147562, A151723, A151725, A160120, A161644, and A160720 for a description of the toothpick sequence and some other related sequences, and some background.

Select a sequence, enter a value of N and click Update to draw the figure after N iterations.

Type selects the type of figure drawn. Normal is the normal figure, Corner shows the figure around a typical corner, and Variant shows the figure around a variant type of corner. If a sequence doesn't have a variant figure defined, the normal figure will be drawn instead.

If scale is 0, the figure will fill the image. Otherwise, if scale is set to S, the figure will be drawn so that the figure for the S-th iteration will fill the image. If adjust scale is selected, scale will automatically be reset to 0 if it is less than N. display grid adds a coordinate grid to the display. display gaps draws small gaps between tiles, making it easier to identify individual pieces.

Delta controls changes to N. If Add is selected, Delta will be added to N; if Multiply is selected, N will be multipled by Delta. For convenience, if Delta is a "/" followed by a value, then it is converted to 2^(1/value).

When Next is clicked, the change specified by Delta will be applied to N, and the image will be Updated. Run will repeatedly apply Next, pausing Delay milliseconds after each image loads. Note that this Delay will be in addition to the time it takes to generate and load the image. Stop cancels Run.

Reset resets everything to the initial state.