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A122245 a(n) = A014486(A122244(n)). 20
44, 232, 920, 3876, 14936, 60568, 248240, 996440, 3876264, 15524272, 63773584, 255477160, 993549616, 3970767760, 16350559552, 65386339632, 254129067336, 1016476056896, 4184726043136, 16740063237448, 65054466609736, 260416091191808 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



Questions: to which Wolfram's class does this simple program belong, class 3 or class 4? (Is that classification applicable here? This is not 1D CA, although it may look like one).

Does the "central skyscraper" continue widening forever? (see the image for up to 16384th generation) At what specific points it widens? (A new sequence for that). How does that differ from A122242 and similar sister sequences, with different starting conditions?

Related comments in A179777.


Antti Karttunen, Table of n, a(n) for n = 1..1024

A. Karttunen, Python program for computing this sequence and the associated image.

A. Karttunen, Terms a(1)-a(768) drawn as binary strings, in Wolframesque fashion.

A. Karttunen, Terms a(1)-a(256) drawn as binary strings, showing details better.

Antti Karttunen, The central parts of terms a(1) - a(16384) drawn in similar fashion, showing how the "crystallized central skyscraper" gets slowly wider and wider


A122246 shows the same sequence in binary. Compare to similar Wolframesque plots given in A080070, A122229, A122232, A122235, A122239, A122242, A179755,  A179757. Cf. also A179777, A179762, A179417.

Sequence in context: A250447 A233949 A233942 * A031175 A098826 A160284

Adjacent sequences:  A122242 A122243 A122244 * A122246 A122247 A122248




Antti Karttunen, Sep 14 2006



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