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(Greetings from The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences!)
A093792 Hook products of all partitions of 13. 0
290304, 290304, 302400, 302400, 362880, 362880, 388800, 414720, 414720, 483840, 483840, 518400, 518400, 518400, 518400, 537600, 537600, 544320, 544320, 604800, 604800, 665280, 665280, 691200, 691200, 725760, 725760, 725760, 798336, 798336 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)





Table of n, a(n) for n=1..30.


H:=proc(pa) local F, j, p, Q, i, col, a, A: F:=proc(x) local i, ct: ct:=0: for i from 1 to nops(x) do if x[i]>1 then ct:=ct+1 else fi od: ct; end: for j from 1 to nops(pa) do p[1][j]:=pa[j] od: Q[1]:=[seq(p[1][j], j=1..nops(pa))]: for i from 2 to pa[1] do for j from 1 to F(Q[i-1]) do p[i][j]:=Q[i-1][j]-1 od: Q[i]:=[seq(p[i][j], j=1..F(Q[i-1]))] od: for i from 1 to pa[1] do col[i]:=[seq(Q[i][j]+nops(Q[i])-j, j=1..nops(Q[i]))] od: a:=proc(i, j) if i<=nops(Q[j]) and j<=pa[1] then Q[j][i]+nops(Q[j])-i else 1 fi end: A:=matrix(nops(pa), pa[1], a): product(product(A[m, n], n=1..pa[1]), m=1..nops(pa)); end: with(combinat): rev:=proc(a) [seq(a[nops(a)+1-i], i=1..nops(a))] end: sort([seq(H(rev(partition(13)[q])), q=1..numbpart(13))]);


Cf. A003877.

Sequence in context: A237147 A237556 A121742 * A068241 A250618 A252992

Adjacent sequences:  A093789 A093790 A093791 * A093793 A093794 A093795




Emeric Deutsch, May 17 2004



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